Our Services


Special Events

As our volunteer numbers grow, our ability to support special events in addition to our regular Saturdays is also growing. If you have an upcoming LGBTQ-focused event that could benefit from our presence, such as a drag show, club meeting, party, or social event, contact us in advance to arrange for a team of Rainbow Patrollers to join you.

Saturday Safety Escorts

We’re stationed at 4th and Colorado on Saturday nights and dispatch from there to walk you to the safety of your vehicle, home, or hotel within the central downtown area. We are bright and loud to ensure that the focus is on us … so that it is not on you. We’re the supportive sober friends among you while you’re drinking and having fun. We’re watching, listening, and alerting the professionals when needed. Our corner is also a great safe place for friends to meet or wait for a rideshare.

De-escalate and Distract

If we witness a confrontation, we do what we can to calm tensions, while not becoming physically involved. Often, all it takes is for our team to start blowing our whistles and people snap back into reasonable behavior. We notify law enforcement when someone is in immediate danger.

General Help

It’s not all incident-response. Among our more routine activities while we’re out & about: giving directions, helping visitors find their hotel or parking garage, moving scooters out of walkways, and best of all, telling our community about Rainbow Patrol!